Who we are

Our Love for vMix gives us the joy to bring to all vMix Users the opportunity to buy and sell their Templates, Virtual sets, Plugins and other related vMix products

With 18 years of experience in Media Broadcast Industry, we are experts in vMIX and Vmix production.

We produce highly professional animated xamls and vMix GT graphics for vMIX users and community. For that matter, we give all vMix Graphic designers the opportunity to create and sell their creativity on VmixUs.

The Website name “VmixUs” means “vMix is Us and we are vMix”. Our love for vMix is what make us.

We helping thousands of vMIX users to move their production to the next level, production, experts in vMIX installation, TV station installations and integration for live broadcasting and streaming.

Disclaimer about us

ebodadzie.com and/or VmixUs Facebook page are not related to vMIX and/or vmix.com or any products that are related to vMIX inc.

We do not sell or re-sell any vMIX software`s or products, we only design and sell animated xamls and GT graphics that can be used on vMIX software.

Our core team

People behind your great shopping experience

Daniel Dadzie

CEO, Co-founder

Irene Dadziie


Jonathan Asamoah