Terms & Conditions

Terms for Buying and Selling your vMix graphics on ebodadzie.com

  1. You must be the real owner of the graphics you want to sell. VMIXUS will perform a search on your product before it’s approved for sale on this platform.
  2. When creating account make sure you provide accurate information about yourself, because we will use same information to pay you your funds
  3. VMIXUS has 10% commission on all products sold
  4. Minimum Withdrawals for all Sellers is $10
  5. You will be asked to pay a fee of $5 If you want you Graphics to be part of the Featured items for 90 days
  6. Money back claims for all sellers would be reviewed by our team within 21 days
  7. Referrals will attract a commission of $0.50 per person
  8. Paypal is the only payment method for ebodadzie.com for now. Other Payment methods coming soon
  9. Paypal and Bank transfer is the only withdrawal method for now
  10. The minimum withdrawals for bank transfer is $50
  11. You can also sell the right of your design product to VMIXUS to sell
  12. Any other questions and Suggestions must reach us on info@ebodadzie.com

Note that:

In case a vendor refuses to help you on any file, VMIXUS will contact the vendor to investigate. If any vendor refuse to help clients then we will demand a refund from the vendor

In case you are not satisfied with the purchased item, we will change it. When digital files are paid for and downloaded, the only way is to update and make changes for your preference.